How do you make Astronomy fun? By making videos like these. The Robot Astronomy Talk Show, is a hilarious cast of dimwitted robots trying the most outlandish ways to conquer humanity, and things always go terribly wrong! There have been quite a number of episodes, be sure to watch them all. There are other fun shows on the site as well. Let’s face it. When you learn stuff, it sticks the most when it’s entertaining and engaging. Astronomy in general is a fantastic field of study, but it requires a lot of discipline and patience, the payoffs usually comes around after years of effort. Even the simple act of observing through a telescope can take a while to learn and appreciate (if you don’t know what you’re doing it can take forever to focus on something, even the MOON!). It’s great to see stuff on the web like the RATS to remind of us of that astronomy can be fun and cool.